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Hi There. Are You Looking For Something? We Can Help!

This is our support page, designed for any issue you might have. If you have trouble navigating the website, please confer to the below text depending on what you wish to find. We hope this helps!

Would you like to keep up with the current trends and info about IT?

We have our very own blog at SKILERSE that talks about all things IT and business. We run down everything from the top in-demand jobs to the do’s and don’ts of the tech world.

Academia/ Looking For Higher Studies? Our Training Section Might Help

If you’re fresh out of college or have done a course in any IT field and are looking for further studies, please consider checking out our Training page

Looking to Sign Up With Our Team of Experts?

Our esteemed staff are hard at work in their mission to spread knowledge, security and trust at every step of the way and we work with a diverse group of people to make SKILERSE the most trusted organization it can be. We offer jobs for various positions including Recruiting Partners, Instructing and Apprenticeships.


So, if you’re skilled in any of IT’s vast array of fields, please visit our Job Board page for possible positions available.

Do You Need to Reach Us? Head to Our ‘Contact Us’ Page

If you’re interested in reaching out to us regarding a position at SKILERSE or course please navigate to our ‘Contact Us’ page. There you will find all the ways you can touch base with us.

In addition to this, if you have any questions at all kindly consult our ‘chat’ feature located at the bottom right of our website. We will have someone respond on the double so your concerns or queries can be promptly addressed.

Having technical issues when applying for a job?

Our systems work best with the  e-mail application installed on your computer/mobile device. (Inbox, Outlook, etc.). If you're unable to get that working, just send us your resume along with your inquiry, to and we'll get back to you!

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