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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions to better help clear any confusion you may have.

Can I come and visit the campus?

Though we are a company based in the United States of America, we strictly have an online presence. As most of our teachers, partners and students sign up to work or study remotely, we’re able to reach a broader network spanning various countries all over the world.

Who are the courses instructors?

We’ve taken the liberty of hand-picking the best of the best in the IT industry. These instructors are absolute experts in their field from top to bottom, each specializing in a wide variety of topics ranging from Python to Digital Marketing. We aim to cover all bases regarding our courses and strive for nothing short of excellence. You have our word on that.

Can I consult with an advisor?

Absolutely! Feel free to reach out to us via email over at for more info and we’ll get back to you pronto! 

Alternatively, we also have an in-built chat feature on our website for a more immediate conversation. Our live chat assistants are on the ready for.

Is SKILERSE Digital Marketing training only good for prospective job seekers?

Not at all. Our diverse curriculum is designed to fit your business marketing needs. Acquire the skill yourself or empower your trustworthy employees by enrolling them in our classes! 

Keep the privacy of your business in your hands.

Let’s analyze your needs. Send us your enquiries at

Will I get a job overseas, especially in the USA after acquiring skills from SKILERSE?

If a company tells you there’s a magic wand to ship you on your dream job to the US or anywhere else in the world it’s probably a scam, or there’s a catch 22 right around the corner.


Depending on where you’re at in your professional career and how much experience you’ve garnered so far, it’s a long and often difficult road towards global recruitment. 


The only way forward is by acquiring and subsequently developing the skills necessary by working as an apprentice in well renowned companies.  This is by no means an easy process. It takes time investment, a dash of luck and due process…

Can it happen? YES

And SKILERSE is going to help you achieve it!

In which IT field/career can I find growth?

Any field you think you can excel at and perform the best in based off of your natural abilities is where you’ll grow the most, and the fastest. For instance, the IT industry is a huge umbrella featuring numerous fields including but not limited to some hardcore technical ones that require coding for long hours, and completely limiting your socialization and vibrancy. However, some aren’t as difficult at their core, and are more focused on the business side of the IT world. This is where you can exhibit your exuberance and glam! 


In a class of 6 which might not be suitable for you as you could be at rock bottom near-constantly, you have to ask yourself “how can I possibly grow in that area?”.

We believe in standing out. Don’t follow the herd, but rather…find your X-factor. Go for an IT domain that’s perfect for YOU, and EXCEL, don’t just ‘grow’. After all, it is better to Live rather than Survive

Can I get a good job after developing Digital Marketing skills at SKILERSE?

Start off as a freelancer or an intern right after you’ve completed your Digital Marketing hands-on training. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to apply all you’ve learned and start a predominant job before you apply for the first professional digital marketing position. Also, freelancing jobs help you work with top clients and real heavy hitters at times, that’ll make you land on your own by offering some valuable real world job experience.


Let’s guide you through your career journey ahead step by step. 

Reach out to us at

Is there a guarantee I’ll find a job after acquiring skills at SKILERSE?

Yes! We strive to bridge the gap between your academic education and an industry required skillset. Once you acquire the tangible hands-on practical experience our global recruiting team will help you reach your ultimate destination.

What do I do if I’m unable to pay via any of the available options?

If you’re unable to make a transaction using any of the available options presented to you, please reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to help out. A representative from our end will help you navigate the situation by exploring an alternative means of payment.

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